To watch or not to watch, that is the question. Indeed, many novice bettors, and very experienced ones too, often enter into disputes and discussions on specialized forums and public pages on the Internet on this burning topic. Some argue that there is no need to watch sports, that everything is provided by a strategy, a mathematical model of bets, that watching broadcasts only spoils your nerves. Others are in opposition to them and cannot imagine any successful betting without a visual picture of the matches themselves.

In their opinion, video broadcasts, recordings, reviews, form a significant part of the information basis on which successful forecasts are built. Well, in this review we will deal with this dilemma, express our attitude about the benefits and harms of watching or not watching matches, sports events in the context of betting on them.


There is a certain layer of cappers, and just players who do not stick out in the media space, who bet on sports, but at the same time do not watch it at all. The arguments are simply deadly:

  • Why waste time? Put it and wait for the money. Let them play.
  • Why waste your nerves? It is better to know the end result than to suffer for 1.5 hours if the match does not go according to the scenario.
  • Still shows “Maiscor” or similar statistical portals. Why watch the game if you are then presented with a numerical statistical expression.
  • Forecasts form mathematical models based on all the same statistics. There is no reason to watch the fights.

Well, let’s go through these points and highlight the key issues.

From the camp of the “negligencers” the local fans will give their voice to play live. They will give an argument that they are betting on the basis of live statistics that are provided on the bookmaker’s website. They are also helped to replace the broadcast of info graphics, heat maps of the attacks of the opposing sides. The very decision-making on rates is regulated by a scenario, the main parameters of which are:

  • Minute of the meeting;
  • Account difference;
  • Size ratio.

If all the components match, they simply bet without looking back at what is happening in the game.

Having extensive experience watching football matches, we will give examples and counterarguments regarding this sport. But in other popular disciplines, you can find similar examples.

So, can info graphics replace viewing the actual match? It shows who owns the ball, who attacks more, just attacks, dangerous attacks, shots on goal and on target, standard provisions. A classic example is a meeting between a clear favorite and an outsider. The first can attack the whole game, carry out an order of magnitude more dangerous attacks, literally stomp around the opponent’s penalty area, but never succeed. Info graphics and live statistics will stimulate the live bettor to bet on the favorite. But what will a competent player who watches a sports match decide?