How casino dealers affect your gaming experience

Online casinos with a live dealer emerged less than a decade ago and immediately became extremely popular. Any self-respecting online gambling establishment will certainly have in the list of its numerous offers and various card games, and classic roulette, in which there is a live dealer. This is a professional and, as a rule, an attractive person: a beautiful girl or a young man. That is, you get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the game in real casinos, in which a live dealer communicates with you, accepts bets, reports a win or loss.

Just a few years ago, fans of casino excitement did not have enough of this particular entourage on the Internet resources. The presence of a living person changed everything, brought the game closer to reality. But a live dealer will only communicate with you on reputable sites, which include the Shangri La online casino. Organizing such a process is very costly both in terms of effort and in terms of finance.

Live dealer casino: pros and cons

Online casinos with live dealers can be attributed to something intermediate between games in the VIP room and games in virtual.

The advantages of playing with a live dealer include:

  • The entourage of a real gambling establishment: there is a table, all the sounds accompanying the game are heard.
  • You can see all the actions of the dealer.
  • There is no RNG at all, your winnings depend on luck.
  • The dealer is usually an intelligent person with whom it is simply pleasant to communicate.
  • All the necessary graphic elements are made with high quality.


  • Your internet must be “flying”: more than 256 Kb / s.
  • You cannot communicate with those who are at the same table with you.
  • Your English should be pretty good, as this is the main language of communication between a live dealer and players.

Shangri La online casino offers not only slot machines (there are five hundred of them), not only the opportunity to bet on sports , but also games of the world’s most famous provider with live dealers Evolution.

You and the live dealer: communication

A special professional studio has been created for the casino dealer. The shooting takes place with several cameras, you can see the picture taken from different points.

Live dealer casinos offer you the usual conversation with the dealer or chatting with him.

Online casino with live dealers: what are we playing?

A live dealer casino has games such as:

  • Roulette.
  • Black Jack.
  • Baccarat.
  • Poker (a number of types of games).
  • Casino of Fortune.

The list is no different from the list of games with a dealer in any non-virtual casino.

Why is playing with a live dealer good?

A licensed online casino gives you the opportunity to taste the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment, provides “live results”, independence from the random number generator, the ability to see the players and any actions of the dealer.