The list of bookmakers is replete with dozens of markets, hundreds of betting options. Naturally, the value of all this variety to players is completely heterogeneous. Some outcomes are in high demand, and some are used by an extremely narrow circle of betters, in rare cases. In this review, we will look at different types of soccer betting. We will evaluate them according to the degree of consistency, predictability, suitability for distance game for a result. Let’s focus on unsuitable types of bets that the bookmaker includes in the list exclusively as traps for players. Such conditions are not predicted, and even grossly underestimated by the bookmakers in terms of the size of the odds. The exclusion of such markets from our practice is in itself a sensible measure to improve results.


If you look at the bookmaker’s list of football matches, you can state the block structure of the presentation of the markets. There is a main line, as well as a block of additional bets. The following markets are represented in the main line:

  • Main outcomes (victory of the first, draw, victory of the second);
  • Border handicaps (less and more than a certain value);
  • Total match total (under and over the threshold value, most often 2.5 goals);
  • Some bookmakers offer here a threshold individual total of teams.

The additional line for popular matches is simply bursting with the outcomes. There may be dozens of markets, in each of which the number of specific bets can also amount to dozens. Firstly, there are extended blocks for the same odds and totals, only there is a much larger list of values. Secondly, an extended block of goal betting variations is presented. Thirdly, there are dozens of outcomes and conditions that are not reflected in the main line at all.

Let’s consider in more detail the types of bets offered by the bookmakers, from simple to complex. Let’s assess their adequacy and relevance for serious betting.

The bookmaker’s offers can be divided according to the degree of complexity of the conditions. It is customary to refer to the simplest bets on the main outcomes, which cover two possible outcomes out of three. This group includes:

  • Double chances (1X, X2);
  • Handicap (0).

These markets allow you to win, or at least save money, if not only the victory of the chosen team is recorded, but also a draw. The 12 double chance option, however, is not considered a reliable choice, although it also covers two out of three outcomes. The point is that doubts about the victory of a particular team cannot rule out a draw. So it is better not to consider this strange outcome. If in doubt about a winner, just look for another match.

The simplest outcomes also include goals:

  • Team to score, ITB (0.5);
  • The team will score 1 or more, ITB (1).

In addition to more options, simple betting conditions include individual total less than one goal, ITM (1). But ITM (0.5) should be considered too adventurous option. One accidental goal, with a return on ITM (1), can be scored even by a complete outsider.